Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lemon Detox Diet

It's just fancy copywriting for diarrhetic. You have to hand it to the brand though for making such a well known celebrity as your ambassador, people from the 90's off obscure (yet slightly awesome) contest shows can always sell me products.. not.
"Hello I'm that girl from Who Dares Wins, but you might recognise me from the sex scandal with the army. Drink this 24hr diarrhetic I think it's swell, and look I'm wearing yellow.. lemons are yellow.."

I love the "testimonials" most of all.
Testimonial 1. Overly muscular guy in before photo.. still overly muscular after his detox. The result? "I had a lot of energy! And I look great!" Verdict? YOU DON'T LOOK DIFFERENT!
Testimonial 2. Miss Australia contestant. "I was able to lose those extra kilos for the pageant and I felt great!" Verdict? YOU DIDN'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO WINNING THIS PRODUCT DID NOTHING FOR YOU!

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