Sunday, October 4, 2009


CRINGE! Can't help but get excited about these shammies everytime I see this add, well it might due to the presenter. So many things that don't make sense to me like why the hell is the presenter wearing a headset! Common you're not in telecommunications!

The best line, "It's made by Germans so you know its good!" Such a bizarre thing to point out to people and now everytime people mention something about Germany I think of pretzels, beer and now ShamWOW.

And I'm pretty sure the comparison to the sponge is unnecisary, yeah we get that the sponge lasts 10 days and your product lasts 10 years, but that worries me since there's a reason we throw out sponges in 10 days.. THE GERMS! Imagine using the same towel everyday for 10 years... a tad wrong don't you think?

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