Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lemon Detox Diet

It's just fancy copywriting for diarrhetic. You have to hand it to the brand though for making such a well known celebrity as your ambassador, people from the 90's off obscure (yet slightly awesome) contest shows can always sell me products.. not.
"Hello I'm that girl from Who Dares Wins, but you might recognise me from the sex scandal with the army. Drink this 24hr diarrhetic I think it's swell, and look I'm wearing yellow.. lemons are yellow.."

I love the "testimonials" most of all.
Testimonial 1. Overly muscular guy in before photo.. still overly muscular after his detox. The result? "I had a lot of energy! And I look great!" Verdict? YOU DON'T LOOK DIFFERENT!
Testimonial 2. Miss Australia contestant. "I was able to lose those extra kilos for the pageant and I felt great!" Verdict? YOU DIDN'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO WINNING THIS PRODUCT DID NOTHING FOR YOU!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Insurance

Ok so having life insurance is practical but I can't stand the stupid real insurance ads. They're full of ridiculous segways!

Ad number 1: Man moving house with his wife, other man comes over "Hey bill, need a hand with moving?" "No we've got it under control" "It's amazing the things you accumulate over the years" "Yes it is, it has made us think about dying so we now want life insurance" "Boy golly I never thought about life like that, actually the other day I was on the toilet and I thought to myself 'hey I should get life insurance'".
Ok so at least the front part of the ad is true.. the rest is how the ad goes in my mind because they anger me so much! And they make you feel ridiculously guilty for dying, "I'd sure hate to see my kids spending they're hard earned cash on me" gee I'm sorry I went and died, don't waste your time mourning me because I forgot to get insurance.

Ad number 2: Women in a park having coffee, "Did you see Liz the other day?" "Yeah she has to sell up the house, its been really tough since Sean died. She didnt even have insurance!" "Oh no, well at least her misfortune pointed us in the right way and me and Tom bought our insurance the other day."
I think I might have actually improved their ads...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


CRINGE! Can't help but get excited about these shammies everytime I see this add, well it might due to the presenter. So many things that don't make sense to me like why the hell is the presenter wearing a headset! Common you're not in telecommunications!

The best line, "It's made by Germans so you know its good!" Such a bizarre thing to point out to people and now everytime people mention something about Germany I think of pretzels, beer and now ShamWOW.

And I'm pretty sure the comparison to the sponge is unnecisary, yeah we get that the sponge lasts 10 days and your product lasts 10 years, but that worries me since there's a reason we throw out sponges in 10 days.. THE GERMS! Imagine using the same towel everyday for 10 years... a tad wrong don't you think?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

iSnack 2.0

I kind of see this whole Vegemite "scandal" as a big publicity thing, yeah sure the name they chose was terrible but I highly doubt people are as outraged by it as the newspapers make out. I personally couldn't care less about what name they choose to call their odd concoction, it just seems really odd that they'd choose a name that relates so obviously to a superior product, apple iPods.

And now because of the name they chose, everytime I go into a supermarket and see any Vegemite product I constantly think of how desperately I need a new iPod...

Connex print ads

Like everyone else I have my issues with Connex, apart from always making me late for uni and nights out I mostly hate their advertising.

The ad thats destroying me is a print ad to do with film reviews and how anyone can be a critic. The thing that annoys me is the two people in the print ad. Naturally they're stereotypes, and it's not so much that I have a problem with ads using stereotypes but it's more the fact that they're OUTDATED stereotypes. The whole "emo" stereotype that used to sit on the steps of Flinders Street Station. People don't do that anymore so why the hell would you put those type of characters in your ads!? It just makes you look outdated and out of touch!!