Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Insurance

Ok so having life insurance is practical but I can't stand the stupid real insurance ads. They're full of ridiculous segways!

Ad number 1: Man moving house with his wife, other man comes over "Hey bill, need a hand with moving?" "No we've got it under control" "It's amazing the things you accumulate over the years" "Yes it is, it has made us think about dying so we now want life insurance" "Boy golly I never thought about life like that, actually the other day I was on the toilet and I thought to myself 'hey I should get life insurance'".
Ok so at least the front part of the ad is true.. the rest is how the ad goes in my mind because they anger me so much! And they make you feel ridiculously guilty for dying, "I'd sure hate to see my kids spending they're hard earned cash on me" gee I'm sorry I went and died, don't waste your time mourning me because I forgot to get insurance.

Ad number 2: Women in a park having coffee, "Did you see Liz the other day?" "Yeah she has to sell up the house, its been really tough since Sean died. She didnt even have insurance!" "Oh no, well at least her misfortune pointed us in the right way and me and Tom bought our insurance the other day."
I think I might have actually improved their ads...

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