Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cover your mouth when you cough

It horrors me how many people are feral. It's not that hard of a task to cover your mouth when you cough your nasties up. I don't want to die from your lazy lack of personal hygene like in Contagion. YOU WILL NOT BE THE GWYNETH PALTROW IN THIS STORY! *shuffles off to find hand sanitiser and a face mask*

But it's not only that, it's your kids too. I was never allowed to touch things in stores, or run around crazy off a MacDonald's sugar high... or eat MacDonald's for that matter. So when you let your child run loose in a clothing store and watch them pull the mannequins pants down, we don't find that amusing or cute like you do. We find it god damn annoying. Everyone who works in that shop will be thinking "Ooh what a bad parent, can't even control their child" or "I wonder what I'll have for lunch", because it's not always about you. If you refuse to control your children I think the only just thing to do is to strap both you and your child to one of those awful backpack leash contraptions and to be walked around by the city council.
It's the only way you'll ever learn.

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